We love I.T, Everyday!

Team Skills::
Mashile I.T Solutions has an impressive array of dynamic skilled individuals who make up our service delivery team. As we provide a wide variety of service requiring diverse and varied skills set, we will provide information on our staff on request depending on the project at hand.
Mashile I.T Solutions is currently in a process of overseeing the procurement of I.T equipment in excess of 500K for the legislature department, where we have recently completed repairing and servicing a sizable number of their laptop and printers

Our vision is to create a world-class I.T Solutions Company, which provides technical, desktop support service and innovative custom-made software solutions to South Africa’s increasingly growing I.T industry. Our aim is to be the preferred providers of quality I.T solutions services in South Africa.

To form partnerships with accredited training institutions running relevant training programs to provide training and various other services to local communities on behalf of Mashile I.T Solutions.

Our Slogan
Through our slogan “ I.T is Possible” we demonstrate our commitment and determination to bridge the digital divide and assist our clients move into the information age through the application of our innovative products and services.


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